Resources for passing the Azure Developer Associate (AZ-203) exam



The AZ-203 is a relatively new exam, having been released just before the end of 2018. It replaces the old 70-532 and 70-533 exams that were required for the title Azure Developer Associate. And while you only need to pass one exam now to obtain that title, passing has not necessarily become easier or clearer. As many training sites scramble to update their material, we are left with wonder on what exactly it is we need to know and what skills to master. The lack of practise exams or even example questions does not help. This article aims to give you a helping hand on where to look to level-up your knowledge on Azure development to pass the exam.

Official sources

Under Skills measured Microsoft provides an overview of skills and topics that are required for the exam. This is the most official and complete overview you will get. It is clear that your skills will be measured on a broad range of topics, but nothing is said about the depth of knowledge required. To get an indication for that you can go to Microsoft Learn, where you will find this overview. Here the topics are partially repeated again, but now you can click on them to go the respective Microsoft Learn page where the topic is explained in detail. To say that this is a useful study resource is an understatement. It will cover most of your needs, but it does not seem to cover every topic mentioned in the overview by Microsoft.

Training sites

There are a multitude of sites covering material for the 203 exam. They are all useful and will provide you with more information, context or practical experience depending on which one you choose. From our limited experience we can make a few recommendations:

  • Linux Academy is a great resource due to their clear video’s and interactive diagrams. They also have video’s on the 300 exam (Azure Solutions Architect) which you can sample for their additional coverage of Azure AD and how all the services fit together. Beware that their 203 course is still in beta and does not cover everything you need to know.
  • Pluralsight is a resource that Microsoft themselves recommend. And without a doubt it might be the most exhaustive resource on development on Azure in general. Absolutely worth it if you have the ambition or are already working as an Azure Developer. It does however go in-depth on every single topic there seems to exist without regard for what is required for the 203 exam.
  • Whizlabs has great practise exams that are definitely worth checking out. They have a talent for creating similar questions without violating the agreements with Azure.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all training sites available. A combination of the above will however make you a better Azure Developer and surely help you on your way for the exam.

Practical tips

The best tip anyone can give for passing this exam is to practise developing on Azure. A free account with a fixed (and more than sufficient) budget can be created within minutes, making it easy to get started. Download the Azure CLI, start up your Visual Studio (Code) and develop something! Microsoft Learn will provide you with ample practise opportunities, and should you require more we can wholeheartedly recommend Pluralsight, where whole projects are available for you to code along with their instructional video’s. As you encounter topics you do not understand you can dive into the Microsoft docs. Make sure to practise writing, deploying as well as monitoring and debugging your application.

The Azure Developer certificate is a great gateway into the Azure ecosystem. Microsoft has made it incredibly simple and fun to get started. And whilst it may be difficult to practise for the exam specifically, learning Azure development has never been easier with all the (free) resources available. Good luck to all who are currently on their way to becoming Azure Developer Associates!